Pastors Corner: Life Is More Than A Happy Accident

Matt’s wife, Kristi, will have a baby this year. Matt is my nephew and this is the couple's first child. Our whole family is excited.

We see it so much it doesn’t seem like a miracle anymore. It’s life. Plant the seed. Is that kernel alive? From the kernel, life springs forth. Gardeners and farmers tend it and the world depends on it. Boy, it’s so fun when the sweet corn and ripe tomatoes come from our own garden!

Some scientists tell us the miracle is the result of evolution over billions of years. By accident, some chemicals got mixed up the right way in the right place at the right time, and life began. By accident, it got better and better until simple proteins became humans with amazing intellect, over billions of years, of course.

It’s easier for me to believe that someone made all this on purpose. That someone would have to be a lot smarter than we are because we’re clueless. We know the recipe and the right chemical formulas, but when we mix them together, they still don’t come alive.

But God makes it rain on the just and the unjust. If the only farmers who got rain were the ones from the right religion, we’d see who was right pretty quickly.

The Bible explains it as God’s mercy. Unjust farmers get the same rain the same way. The laws of nature are equally applied to all. Believers and unbelievers eat from the same fields. Believers thank God. Unbelievers thank the Happy Accident, if they’re grateful at all.

One advantage to being an unbeliever is to think folks will never have to answer for the choices they make and the way they live. The Happy Accident doesn’t care, though the police might.

One disadvantage to being an unbeliever is that your only hope is in yourself. That’s bleak! It’s why cynicism and despair are growing societal concerns. Folks are craving a cure for depression and anxiety like there’s no tomorrow. Chemicals seem to be a popular escape from despair. Some have even taken their own lives. The use and abuse of drugs is a war waged against society on more than one front.

The most successful programs treating drug abuse are “faith based.” Hope is powerful. Christians believe that faith in God makes power available from a realm we don’t see. That’s a big advantage for believers. The disadvantage is that we are accountable to our Creator for the choices we make and the way we live.

Amazingly, for believers, the disadvantage of being held accountable turns into advantage. The instructions God gives are actually GOOD for us. Lies are destructive, but truth is constructive. Adultery is destructive, while fidelity in marriage is constructive. Healing begins in us when we FORGIVE those who’ve hurt us. And so it goes.

OK, what’s the problem? Why don’t we simply follow the Creator’s instructions?

It seems that the right thing is often harder to do than the wrong thing. What looks easy or pleasant in the short term is often devastating in the long run. Selfishness seems to benefit me initially. Only later will I realize how I’ve hurt myself when I didn’t help others.

When the Creator instructs us to do a hard thing, it takes faith in the Creator to do the hard thing believing that it will pay off in the end.

The Happy Accident doesn’t offer much in the way of moral guidance. If life is all one long fight for survival, chances are the strongest will prevail. “Spread as much of your DNA around as you can.” Nor does it offer much in the way of hope.

Faith is important to God our Creator. He calls us to believe in what we can’t see. He offers us forgiveness and REDEMPTION. In Him there’s real HOPE. The way I see it, that’s better than waiting for the next Happy Accident.

Rev. Kim Ernst pastors with Faith Fellowship Ministries, Fairbury

This article originally appeared on Pontiac Daily Leader: Rev. Kim Ernst discusses difference between luck and God's will

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Pastors Corner: Life is more than a happy accident


Pastors Corner: Life is more than a happy accident